Turkish Courses For Foreigners


Courses for  General Purpose       

keepTurkish courses consist of 4 basic, 4 intermediate and 4 upper-intermediate levels. At the end of each level, our students are evaluated either with a performance evaluation or with a final exam covering four main language skills (listening-
comprehension, reading-comprehension, speaking and writing), and
sub-skill (grammar) that supports these skills. Yeni Hitit Turkish Education Set 1-2-3 – prepared by TÖMER Turkish Department – are used in general purpose Turkish courses. They can be programmed as group lessons or private lessons.

The aim is to enable the students to achieve the four basic language skills, which are the listening comprehension, reading comprehension,oral and written expression, without neglecting the grammar. In this way we ensure the students are able to learn equally the six basic skills of language, grammar, reading, listening, dictation, writing and speaking.

Whether you are a beginner, or at an intermediate or advanced level, we offer courses that suit you. The classes are conducted by well-trained teachers. All teachers are Turkish native speakers and have a university degree. Teachers are choosen not only for their knowledge and experience but also for their ability to connect with students as individuals. Teachers are assisted to be as creative as they can in making the language learning experience exciting and fun which leads to better learning.Participants at the Turkish-course appreciate the international atmosphere in our school, and the friendly and competent staff.